To be an innovative leader in the global web control
To be an innovative leader in the global web control
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Profiling surface cleaner

The surface micro level cleaning requirements of various non planar three-dimensional products pose a challenge to the non-contact surface cleaning field, and standard products can no longer meet the requirements. High pressure cyclone surface cleaning can remove larger particle impurities, but for customers with higher requirements, close range ultrasonic vibration must be used to achieve better surface cleaning requirements. Our company can design various profiling ultrasonic surface cleaning units based on the shape and process of customer products, arrange ultrasonic vibration amplifiers up close, and combine with the operation process of the product to achieve comprehensive and three-dimensional cleaning.

Material receiving platform frame

Electrical linkage: electric+pneumatic control+light button. Fine appearance: pressure strip and cylinder built-in design, aluminum alloy precision processing. Customized as needed: Manual splicing table can be customized, and other parts can also be customized.

Intelligent all-in-one machine

Intelligent adaptive PID program design, high-precision correction. Intelligent judgment and adjustment of driver polarity. High performance 32-bit ARM processor. Touch screen operation panel, more user-friendly. Edge alignment, centering, CCD line following, double-layer material tracking. PLC interface, limit alarm, reverse stop, remote manual/automatic switching. Complete overcurrent, overvoltage, and overload protection functions. Comprehensive anti-interference technology and circuit design  .

HS-808 Fully automatic multifunctional tension controller

HS-808 has powerful control functions and abundant external control ports, which can achieve precise and fast control of tension at various workstations of the coil. This product has advanced PID grading adaptive, A, B roll changing control and other rich auxiliary functions. Can completely replace Japanese imported products.

J type central integrated series

This series of hosts is mainly suitable for wide materials. The system is equipped with dual or more fans, and each fan operates independently to provide positive and negative pressure high-pressure air. It can provide high-pressure air, single ultrasonic, and double ultrasonic required high-pressure air sources for the wide range dust removal unit. The dual fan system adopts our company's dedicated intelligent dust removal controller, multiple fans are controlled by PLC, and fans are controlled by frequency converters. Configure a multi filter cartridge pulse backwash ash cleaning integrated system, with multiple filter cartridges rotating backwash ash cleaning and centralized collection of dust. The system is equipped with various host pressure and temperature sensors, and can also be configured with various intelligent detection and online control, fully automatic intelligent wind pressure control, fully automatic micrometer level online dust removal detection system and other functions according to customer needs.

M type mini series

This type of host is compact in size, equipped with digital display, intelligent automatic pressure adjustment, and strong dust removal function, especially suitable for surface cleaning of small width and small area products. This series of products is complete and can be configured with single, double, or multiple fans. It can be used for integrated blowing, suction, or blowing suction applications.

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Surmach Industry

Shanghai Surmach Industry was established in Shanghai in 2007. It moved to Suzhou Industrial Park in 2018 and established Surmach Industrial (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Suzhou SMK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The R&D center is located in Beijing, and it also has facilities in Dongguan and Chengdu. There is a service center and many overseas agent cooperative companies that can provide services to global customers in the fields of web control and surface cleaning.

Covering an area of 3500 square meters, the company is an innovative global player in coil control and surface cleaning, offering intelligent web guiding control systems, micrometer-level non-contact dust removal systems, tension control systems, viscosity control systems, and project solutions. Our products are not only widely used domestically but are also exported to the United States, South Korea, Europe, and other regions.